Secret Swingers Parties

Party Information

I, Mistress Pixie will be hosting small intimate swinging parties from my private location in Surrey.

I have some VERY ATTRACTIVE single female friends joining me at my events, so you are sure to to have a good time. 
** A £20 deposit is required via Paypal, bank Transfer OR a cash deposit can be delivered To Confirm Your Space **

A deposit is required so I can monitor how many men are attending, therefore helping me to ensure I have enough female friends joining the party.

Last Sunday Of Every Month


26th September
31st October
28th November

At our parties you can forget about being judged by the outside world, you can relax and enjoy being who you want to be with other likeminded people.

  • Discretion Is Our Number 1 Priority
  • Small Intimate Location
  • Minimum 20 people
  • 4 Rooms Available:
    Pleasure Swing Room, Glory Hole, Dungeon, Intimate Room
  • Mix of good looking couples & singles
  • 1 Complimentary drink of prosecco or beer (more alcohol is available to purchase)


* Please Note *

I have some VERY attractive, single, female friends who will be joining me. They love to play and therefore the price covers their travel costs and childcare. 

Single Men: £100
Couples: Free (Usually £50)
Single Women: Free
(Our prices reflect the quality of clientele we aim to attract)



Please Email:

Include your Name, Age, contact number and relationship status and then I will send through payment details.

I look forward to seeing you there

Mistress Pixie x

Frequently Asked Questions

This section is to answer any questions you may have about our parties.
We do have a few rules which you will be expected to follow whilst you are at our events to ensure everyone feels safe, comfortable and to enable everyone to have a good time.
Anyone breaking the rules will be asked to leave without any refund and you will not be invited back.

How can I contact the party organisers?

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about our parties please send an E Mail to

Are there any special Covid-19 entry requirements?

We will not be asking for any proof of vaccine or a recent negative Covid-19 test.
*We do however expect you to NOT ATTEND if you have a high temperature, persistent cough, loss of taste or any other symptom consistent with Covid-19 Or if you have been in contact with anyone showing these symptoms.

How much does it cost? How do I reserve my place?

Couples: Free (Usually £50)
Single Males: £100
Single Ladies: Free
To book please email
You will be expected to pay a £20 deposit via paypal, bank transfer or cash, once we have received your deposit your space is confirmed.
We will also be selling prosecco or beer at the venue to which you can purchase tokens upon arrival.

Why do single guys have to pay a deposit?

In order to get a good ratio of male to female we need to know how many men are attending.  By taking a deposit we can monitor this and it also helps to eliminate no shows.  We also help with our female friends travel and childcare so it is important to know how many females to invite.

Is this a swingers party or a paid gentleman’s event?

This is a swingers party for couples (or 2 friends) single males and single females to attend a space where they are free to do as they please sexually with each other, or perhaps to just watch until they feel comfortable to participate.
We offer free admission to all ladies to ensure we get a good male to female ratio.
We believe the only way to have a successful and enjoyable party is if the ratio of male to female is within a reasonable range so we do have a few female party helpers to ensure everyone leaves feeling happy and hopefully relieved.
Any money paid to the venue is a contribution towards the costs of hosting an event.
You MUST NOTE that all sex or sexual acts that may (and no doubt will) take place during the party is consensual.  Consent Is extremely important at our parties and everyone has the right to say no to someone.
We have a strict “No means No” policy and anyone breaking this will be asked to leave immediately.

What happens when I arrive at the party?

You will be allocated a set time slot to arrive, we are staggering the times as we have a small space downstairs so we can’t have everyone arriving at the same time.
Upon arrival staff will check you in and then go through the rules with you. You will then get changed, offered your complimentary drink and taken upstairs to be shown around and to meet some of our beautiful female guests.
We will be asking to see photo ID at the door as our way of verification.   

I can’t make the exact start time is that a problem?

As stated above we are staggering the times of arrival so we will expect you to be on time. If for any reason you are running late you must inform us as soon as you can.

I am really nervous, what do I have to wear?

We are all nervous when we try something new, even the more experienced people can still feel nervous when they attend.
We will expect you to enter in your normal clothes and then there will be a space for you to undress if you want too. You can walk around in your underwear or if you would rather be naked that is ok too. We can also provide towels if you would like to use one until you feel more comfortable.

What to expect at the party?

Every party will be different so it Is hard to say exactly what to expect or what will happen at each event. We are providing a space for like minded people to socialise and to be able to be sexually free and liberated to play or watch each other. You may or may not feel like playing with other party members and that is ok too. For the single males we have provided a glory hole so if you don’t end up finding someone to play with you can at least be relieved before you leave.

I am travelling by car, is there parking close to the party?

There is free parking on Brinkley Road and St Philips Avenue which is a 5-minute walk to the venue.

I don’t have a car, How can I get to the venue by public transport?
Worcester Park train station is a 10 minute walk from the venue

How many guests are going to be at the party?

It’s hard to know the exact numbers as occasionally people cannot attend, but we take deposits to limit the amount of “no shows”. We aim to have a minimum of 20 people at our parties with a good mix of females and males.

How many ladies will be at the party?

It is hard to know the exact numbers as stated above, but by taking deposits from males and couples we are able to monitor how many we have attending so we are then able to ensure we have a good selection of beautiful ladies available to play.

If I attend a Secret Swingers party will I be guaranteed sex?

The simple answer to this is No. If you are lucky enough to have sex at the venue then this is between consenting adults and this means that everyone has the right to say no to any requests. As mentioned previously though we will have a glory hole so even if you do not get to have sex you will at least be relieved.

Do I have to ask permission to play at the party? What happens if my approach is rejected?

You MUST NOT approach anyone without being invited first.
We have a strict “No means No” policy and anyone breaking this will be asked to leave immediately.
Consent Is extremely important at our parties and everyone has the right to say no to someone. We want to create an enjoyable and safe atmosphere for people to play so there will be “door staff” floating around making sure everyone is having fun respectfully.
If you are unsure if you have been invited to play, we advise that you approach with caution until you have been given the green light. If you mis read the situation or the other person changes their mind then you MUST respect their decision. There will be other people to play with so do not be put off, just be patient. Our party helpers will be sure to invite you to play at some point.

I prefer to watch, is this ok?

You are allowed to watch until you feel comfortable to play, but if you don’t want to play that is also ok.

Are condoms and lube available at the party?

We provide free condoms, lube and wet wipes in each playroom but if you have an allergy or particular requirement we suggest you bring your own.

I noticed you have a dungeon, will there be lots of bdsm play?

Mistress Pixie will be attending every party so she is able to assist anybody that wants to play in her dungeon. PLEASE NOTE that although she is happy to assist play she is NOT there to participate in any sexual activity between people.

I have a girlfriend/boyfriend who is quite shy, can I go into one of the playrooms and lock the door?

There are no locks on any of the doors and we expect doors to be open at all times. This is for the safety of each of our guests.

Is safe sex practised?

We EXPECT condoms to be used for penetration and they also MUST be changed when moving between partners. If a condom breaks or comes off, inform the other person immediately so that the situation can be dealt with.   

Are condoms used for oraI sex?

We believe this is down to the guest to decide. But you must respect their decision to use a condom or not.

Can I cum in someone’s mouth?

Again we believe this is down to the guests personal preference, BUT YOU MUST ASK IN ADVANCE for permission if this is something that you wish to do.

Is there an age limit?

The minimum age for attendance is 21 but there is no upper age limit.

I am bi, can I attend? Will there be bi play at the party?

Of course bi men and bi ladies are welcome at our parties but it should be noted that the main focus at the parties is heterosexual play and most of the guests are likely to be straight.

I am disabled can I come to your party?

We do not discriminate however our building Is based over 4 floors and we do not have a lift so if you are physically disabled it would be very difficult to reach the play rooms upstairs.

We would like to attend as a mixed sex couple, is this ok?

This is fine, as long as you arrive and leave together.

Can I take photos or video’s at the party?

This is a NO PHONE event. Any guests found using their phone will be asked to leave immediately with no refund of their entrance fee.  

Can I use my mobile phone at the party?

You will be asked to leave your phone with your belongings in our secure changing area, however mobiles can ONLY be used in the designated smoking area.
Discretion and privacy are extremely important to us and our guests and to protect this we discourage the use of mobile phones.

Can I just turn up/ bring my mates too?

NO, we are a guest list only event.

Is there a dress code?

We expect you to arrive looking presentable, once inside you can then change into your underwear or if you wish to walk around naked that is ok too.
Cleanliness and presentation is important in attracting people to play with you, so please make sure you are well groomed and take pride in your appearance.

Are there any lockers and is there a changing room at the venue that can be used?

We have a small area to get changed and a separate locked room to store your belongings.
We do advise that you do not take any valuables to the party, if however you do decide to we cannot be held liable for any loss or damage to anything left unattended.

Can I smoke or vape at the party?

Smoking or vaping isn’t allowed anywhere inside the premises but there is an outside smoking area that can be used.

Will I be able to get and take drugs at the party?

We have a no drug policy. Anyone caught using or dealing will be asked to leave immediately and they will not be allowed to attend any future events.

Can I buy viagra at the party?

No, we do not sell viagra or anything similar at the party.

Can I use poppers at the party?

There will be some poppers available in the dungeon, you cannot bring your own though.

Is any food or drink available at the party?

We offer a complimentary glass of beer or prosecco on arrival. You can then purchase drinks tokens on arrival if you wish to purchase more later. We also offer soft drinks.

Although we offer alcohol we expect people to drink responsibly, anybody found to be drunk or acting inappropriately will be asked to leave immediately without refund of their entrance fee.

What happens if one of the party rules is broken?

The safety and enjoyment of our guests is paramount to us and although we wish to have a long happy relationship with everyone attending, WE WILL ALWAYS take action against anybody breaking our rules or making anyone feel uncomfortable at our events.
We reserve the right to ask anybody to leave who is found breaking our rules and they will not be allowed to return.

If you have a question not answered above please do not hesitate to get in touch