Key Holding

For those of you who need to experience my control even when you are not in my presence.

By virtue of a chastity device, or for weak willed slaves who simply cannot be trusted, it is my pleasure to provide a key holding service.

You will first need to purchase a suitable device if you don’t already have one, if you need advice I can guide you with your purchase.  You will then need to book a session with me during which you will be waxed (as nobody likes a hairy cock) we will then fit the device and it will be locked. I will expect you to enter into an agreement with me for a predetermined period of time and sign my chastity contract accordingly.

I have three different alternatives where key holding is concerned listed below, however these can be tailored to your particular lifestyle requirements, so I will neither expect nor accept any excuses.

  1. I keep all the keys
  2. You take a spare key, which will be placed in a small envelope and secured with my personal seal
  3. An individually numbered plastic lock can be used

If either my seal or the plastic lock is broken or tampered with you will be subjected to a fine, a possible extension to our contract and / or any other punishment depending on my disposition at the time.

You can return at prearranged intervals for inspection, release and possible relief, which of course will only be allowed in my presence and / or with My permission, until your contract either expires or is extended.

Your first fitting and any temporary release dates can be incorporated into a session, alternatively temporary release dates can be somewhat shorter in nature and solely for the purpose of inspection, release, possible relief, and refit.

For weak willed slaves who simply cannot be trusted