Call or Message To Make An Appointment

I can on occasions take same day bookings with a few hours notice.

Bookings are taken by message or telephone.

I run several businesses, therefore I do not sit around waiting for my phone to ring. This is why I need notice for sessions. 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: These days are dedicated solely to my domme clients

Thursday/Friday: I am generally busy with my other commitments on  these days, BUT there is always a possibility I might be free. The best thing to do is to call/message in the morning to find out my schedule.

Saturday: Pre planned sessions ONLY

Good Communication is key to a successful session.


Bookings over 1hr will require a small deposit paid via Paypal or Bank Transfer prior to the session.

15 mins £60
30mins £100
45mins £150
1hr £180
1.5 £250
2hr £340
3hr £520
All Day/Night £1000