Tiny Tina Week 7

Desperate to go back into chastity for my beloved Mistress Pixie, I hurried to the House of Pixie to have the new device fitted (see Week 6). As usual, I had a job tricking my balls (I swear they’re sentient little creatures that know they’re in danger) into a hair-band and so get them into […]

Tiny Tina Week 6

Christmas Special Firstly readers, apologies for the delay. It has been Christmas, and I have been making rather merry. This included the “work Christmas do’ with Mistress Pixie and Miss Scarlett. Games were played, food was eaten, dances were danced, bubbles were drunk, and I was even allowed a beer, though serving the ladies was […]

Tiny Tina Week 5

WARNING – DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE OF A SQUEAMISH DISPOSITIONOn Saturday, I woke as normal, before dawn, with a morning glory desperate to get out of the chastity device. It had been on for three weeks, except for it falling off three times, and once for a wank, which was exceedingly generous of […]

Tiny Tina Week 4

Disaster struck again, the morning I was to visit Mistress Pixie to be let out (for cleaning) and to perform my domestic duties. While I was asleep, my balls, octopus like, slipped out of the cage again. I messaged Mistress immediately. Her response was that I was utterly useless, and She had a point. The […]

Tiny Tina Week 3

BDSM Mistress Surrey - Mistress Pixie Princess

A whole week with no orgasms, but I’m off to visit Mistress, to film some scenes with Her, and also to finally get rid of the unique numbered locks, replaced with a padlock. I’d bought a fresh pack of padlocks, so that Mistress could open the pack knowing I hadn’t had a copy cut for […]

Tiny Tina Week 2

The device came with six rings. From past experience, I thought it best to put the largest ring around my balls and cock, before fitting the device. But in the muddle I got myself in trying to get a hold of my balls before they could retreat up into my body, I put the second […]

Tiny Tina Week 1

It’s been a funny week. I found Mistress Pixie on Saturday, had booked with Her on Tuesday, was taking Her strap-on on Thursday, and by Friday night, I was sitting at home with a chastity cage around my cock. I didn’t even let myself have one last wank before I messaged Her and asked Her […]